Name Category Description Size
D2.1 Deliverables Requirements Review from EU projects 3.83 MB
D2.2 Deliverables V1 Platooning usecases, scenario definition and Platooning Levels 2.32 MB
D2.6 Deliverables V1 Functional specification for intelligent infrastructure (Strategic/Services layers) 1.20 MB
D2.8 Deliverables Platooning protocol definition and Communication strategy 1.23 MB
D2. 10 Deliverables Iterative Process Document and “Item Definition” 1.03 MB
D6.1 Deliverables Dissemination and communication plan 1.54 MB
D6.2 Deliverables ENSEMBLE Printed material 646.24 KB
D6.3 Deliverables ENSEMBLE digital presence 1.21 MB
D6.10 Deliverables ENSEMBLE regulatory framework – state of the art 1.87 MB
D2.4 Deliverables Functional specification for white-label truck (Operational & Tactical layers)  2.68 MB
D6.7 Deliverables ENSEMBLE LoI 727.18 KB
D2.9 Deliverables Security framework of platooning 767.93 KB
D2.13 Deliverables SOTIF Safety Concept 827.33 KB
D4.4 Deliverables Presentation of use cases 1.39 MB
D5.1 Deliverables Test & Validation Plan 1.80 MB
D2.11 Deliverables Fist version Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment and Functional Safety Concept 1.51 MB