ENSEMBLE presented during the ETPC Network Workshop

Nov 23, 2018
ENSEMBLE presented during the ETPC Network Workshop

“Platooning: a stepping stone towards efficient transports”.

This is how Godfried Smit, Policy Manager of European Shippers Council, summarised the interesting findings and inputs provided during the European Truck Platooning Challenge Network Workshop.

The event, held on the 20-21 of November at ERTICO’s premises in Brussels, gathered together key note speakers from several European organisations involved in platooning, who shared insights and views on the proposed technologies and infrastructure.

The first day was dedicated to an overview on current platooning projects in Europe, with a specific presentation of Platooning ENSEMBLE, its state-of-the-art, milestones and planned actions.

Different scenarios were presented per Country (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden), including uptakes, legal frame, market evolutions and possible barriers.


The second day built on the initial discussion, following up with an interactive session in which the attendees, in smaller groups, analysed two case studies for patterns, best practices and suggestions.

The event has been a valuable occasion to share the most effective approaches, take inspiration and explore early ROI opportunities.

Event presentations and minutes are available here, so don't forget to check it!

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