ENSEMBLE Public Demo summary and Q&A Session

Nov 22, 2021
ENSEMBLE Public Demo summary and Q&A Session

The European project ENSEMBLE -testing multi-brand, ad-hoc and cross-border platooning in Europe, has organised on November 25th an online event where the Public Demo was summarised, including interactive Q&A.

In September 2021, a platoon consisting of seven trucks, one from each leading European manufacturer has driven 3 hours on public roads in real traffic around the logistic hub of Barcelona. During this event, participants experienced a live platooning demonstration and presentations about the project as a whole. This online event is a follow-up of the public demonstration where participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the results of the multi-brand platooning while interacting with project and platooning experts.

All the presentations from the Public Demonstration can be found here. Videos from the testing are also available here.

The agenda of the event was:

11:00 Start and welcome

11:05 Presentation of the Public Demo results and movies by Marika Hoedemaeker (ENSEMBLE coordinator)

11:45 Questions and discussion with the audience

12:30 Closure

Click here to re-watch the online public demo summary!