Join the Session on truck platooning at the ITS Virtual Congress

Oct 21, 2020
Join the Session on truck platooning at the ITS Virtual Congress

Learn about high-density truck platooning and highway chauffeur in real-life environments by joining this session on 9 November at 17:00 CET during the ITS Virtual Congress.

The gradual introduction of advanced automated driving capabilities in passenger vehicles and trucks will have a significant impact on European motorways. State-of-the-Art technologies for cooperative ITS services in such vehicle systems have the potential to be the decisive differentiation factor for user acceptance, effectiveness and efficiency of automated driving. To make this a reality and to support automated driving, interoperability testing will be carried out throughout different communication systems. A close cooperation with C-ITS and C-Roads platform involving a wide list of European Member states countries, will support this initiative together with EU funded projects like CONCORDA and ENSEMBLE. The impact of advanced automated driving and high density truck platooning goes far beyond the transport sector and offers promising benefits to many actors that will be presented in this session: technology actors, service providers, OEMs and public authorities.

Moderator: Eusebiu Catana , ERTICO - ITS Europe


Jim Misener, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH

Geerd Kakes , KPN

Dehlia Willemsen, TNO

Sebe Vogel, Rijkswaterstaat

Michael Menzel, Bosch

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