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Multi-brand Truck Platooning will become a reality in Europe, thanks to the EU-funded ENSEMBLE initiative.

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Platooning technology has made significant advances in the last decade, but to achieve the next step towards deployment of truck platooning, an integral multi-brand approach is required. Aiming for Europe-wide deployment of platooning, ‘multi-brand’ solutions are paramount. It is the ambition of ENSEMBLE to realise pre-standards for interoperability between trucks, platoons and logistics solution providers, to speed up actual market pick-up of (sub)system development and implementation and to enable harmonisation of legal frameworks in the member states.

Truck Platooning comprises a number of trucks equipped with state-of-the-art driving support systems – one closely following the other. This forms a platoon with the trucks driven by smart technology, and mutually communicating. Truck platooning is innovative and full of promise and potential for the transport sector.


The main goal of the ENSEMBLE project is to pave the way for the adoption of multi-brand truck platooning in Europe to improve fuel economy, traffic safety and throughput.

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News Using ITS G5 for efficient truck platooning

ENSEMBLE has chosen ITS-G5 as the technology for efficient truck platooning.

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Using ITS G5 for efficient truck platooning
News ENSEMBLE presented during the ETPC Network Workshop

“Platooning: a stepping stone towards efficient transports”. Find out more about the event held in Brussels the last 20-21 of November!

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ENSEMBLE presented during the ETPC Network Workshop
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