ENSEMBLE Public Demonstration

Sep 23, 2021
ENSEMBLE Public Demonstration

The European project ENSEMBLE-testing multi-brand, ad-hoc and cross-border platooning in Europe, is warmly inviting you to a public demonstration in Spain on 23 September 2021.

 A platoon consisting of seven trucks, one from each leading European manufacturer will drive from a logistics hub to Barcelona harbour. During the physical event, you will be experiencing a live platooning demonstration and an interesting programme of presentations about platooning and the project as a whole. Participants will have the opportunity to follow the platoon in real-time, while learning more about the technical realisation and standardisation-side of the ENSEMBLE project.

 You can indicate your interest in participating in the physical event by clicking on the button ‘Register’ here. Please note that the registration is non-binding at the moment and serves as an indicator for planning purposes.’

 More information on the event will be added soon. Meanwhile, make sure to reserve the date in your calendar.