ENSEMBLE at SummITS Conference

Feb 18, 2022
ENSEMBLE at SummITS Conference

ENSEMBLE, one of ERTICO’s flagship projects, has been presented at the  SUMMITS’22 Conference in Ankara, Turkey.

The H2020 project strives to modernise the transport sector, advancing the technological research before full deployment of multi-brand truck platooning in Europe. The project coordinator, Dr Marika Hoedemaeker, has participated in the session “Cooperative, Connected and Autonomous Mobility” on 10 March from 9:30 to 10:45. In relation to shaping the future autonomous vehicle technologies, Dr Hoedemaeker discussed ENSEMBLE’s development of a dedicated V2V communication protocol which allows the creation of truck platoons.

Over three years of testing and alignment activities by partners in the ENSEMBLE project were key in defining two levels for specifying platooning functions: Platooning as support function (PSF) and platooning as autonomous function (PAF). Both use cases represent unique opportunities in the ongoing development of smart transportation and across the broad spectrum of the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) ecosystem.

The SummITS Conference is the ideal event to disseminate the ENSEMBLE project and its results also outside Europe.